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This week, we have a special deal for our great customers : buy one product Arbre Vert and receive another one for free!

Arbre Vert is a French manufacturer of ecological products. These products are made in France. On Mondizen, your French store, you will find a selection of ecological home products like dish-washing liquid, fabric softener, dusting spray and many other products. If you have a fragile skin, then Arbre Vert also offers a special dish wahing soap for sensitive skin. This soap takes care of our planet and care of your body.

Some of these products are already on sale on Mondizen, but you can still get one free if you buy one!


So, enjoy your week with this special offer.

Mondizen is your French shop, we deliver your French products right to your door. Buy your favourite French products on Mondizen and have them shipped internationally. 

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