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Confit Bordeaux rouge Les Jardins de Marie, international shipping

If you are looking for something exquisite and rare for your Christmas or New Year meals, Les Jardins de Marie offer exactly what your need.


A large selection of exquisite jams, very fine taste and texture. These jams are very high quality products, gourmet food.

The confit de Bordeaux rouge Les Jardins de Marie is a jam (not too sweet) made of Bordeauw red wine.

This confit will be the perfect match with a red meat or a roast. 

And it will also be the perfect present, like all the confits and jams from Les Jardins de Marie.


Mondizen is the francophile's shop, we deliver your French food, gourmet food, foie gras, Christmas chocolates right to your door. International delivery of your French products.

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