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Chocolate cakes on Mondizen, international delivery

On the Mondizen website, the francophile's shop, you will also find lots of French cakes which everyone loves.

The Mondizen catalogue includes Savane by Brossard, in snack-size.

You can also give your children a snack they can take for school break: they will love pocket-size chocolate and hazelnut Brownies by Brossard. As it is Mondizen’s aim to enable French expatriates and francophiles to have access to the products of their childhood and introduce their children to those very same products, Mondizen has also included the Lulu L’ourson by Lu, delicious, teddy-bear shaped cakes with chocolate paws, which your family will love.

Finally, for those with the sweetest tooth try Napolitain Classic by Lu and discover its moist chocolate centre. Napolitain Classic by Lu has also been added to the catalogue on Mondizen.com


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