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All the members of your family will enjoy the biscuits on offer on the Mondizen website. In the Mondizen catalogue you will find chocolate BN or Prince biscuits which are a classic French tea-time snack. They will certainly remind you of your childhood, and your kids will love them.


The Mondizen catalogue also includes other classic biscuits like Chocolate Granola by Lu, chocolate-chip cookies by Lu and milk-chocolate Pepitio by Lu.


Mondizen is the francophile's shop, we deliver your French food, French biscuits and any French products you want, right to your door.

International delivery of your French products. Come and visit us at mondizen and check our selection of biscuits for kids and for adults. Discover the traditional French biscuit crepe Gavotte. A very thin and crispy crepe for a very light biscuit. Enjoy a cigarette russe, this decorative biscuit French people use to decorate their ice-cream desserts. Discover the subtil taste of the Bonne Maman tartellettes and the palets bretons, these special shortbread biscuits made in Bretagne with a very nice flavour of fresh butter.

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