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All the members of your family will enjoy the biscuits on offer on the Mondizen website because Mondizen is the francophile's shop !


In the Mondizen catalogue you will find chocolate BN biscuits which are a classic French tea-time snack. They will certainly remind you of your childhood.

The Mondizen catalogue also includes other classic biscuits like Chocolate Granola by Lu, chocolate-chip cookies by Lu and milk-chocolate Pepitio by Lu.


You can also find Animal biscuits by Cadbury; your kids will love these delicious, chocolate-coated, circus and jungle animal-shaped biscuits.

For those who are watching their figure, go for the great taste of Gerblé milk or chocolate biscuits for a more sensible treat !

Mondizen delivers your French products right to your door, enjoy your favourite French products thanks to the Francophile's shop and the international delivery !

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