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Cassegrain proposes a varied range of ready meals which are tasty and easy to preserve and store. On the Mondizen website you can find a good selection of Cassegrain products to delight your family. Being abroad will not stop you from taking advantage of French gastronomy when you feel like it.

Find Cassegrain Confit of eggplant made with olive oil on the Mondizen website which can be savored on bread or eaten with salads or tomatoes.

Mondizen also proposes Cassegrain’s prepared extra-fine Flageolets beans, which are perfect with meat; they are well- seasoned, which makes them all the more delicious.

Have yourself a quick and delicious meal with Cassegrain prepared lentils mixed with onion and carrots, cooked in chicken stock for one or two people.



Another savory and quick dish is Cassegrain Petits pois (peas), which literally melt in the mouth, it is a simple but delicious dish.

Finally, if you want savor Mediterranean flavors, Cassegrain, Ratatouille à la provençale cooked with 2% virgin olive is simple delicious..

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