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Publié par escoffier sandrine

A few days ago, I was talking to you about "Confiture de lait", a very nice jam made of milk, slowly cooked, with a beautiful caramel taste. 

Today, I am happy to introduce you to another great regional product from the Normandy region: Caramou

Caramou is a very soft caramel, easy to spread.


Imagine... On a slice of bread, a caramel paste, a nice taste of caramel.

It tastes like heaven!

You can also enjoy your Caramou on a pancake or a French crepe, add some to your baking. 

Caramou is also very nice on top of an apple pie.


Enjoy your French food, enjoy your French shopping on Mondizen, your online French shop, discover some new gourmet food and regional products from France.

And see you soon for more news about your French products.

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