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Mondizen is the francophile's shop.In the Baby section, you will find a large selection of Bledina products. Bledina is the French leader in baby food products.

Bledina Bledisoup

For babies from 6 months on, you can get the baby soups Bledisoup. Baby can taste a smooth mixed purée vegetables or mixed vegetable velouté. These soups are easy to prepare, they are in single-use cartons to avoid wastage.


You will also find a nice selection of milk-based desserts in the Bledilacte range. Choose the flavour baby will love between strawberry, peach, plain yogurt and many others. And don't forget to check our range of small jars of fruit compote. Compotes and Bledilacte are full of vitamins and calcium necessary for your baby's development and growth. 


Choose between many flavours including apple, peach, apricot, banana and many others !


Get your favourite French products delivered internationally !

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