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Come and visit us on Mondizen your French shop. We could make some changes in our transport costs, and we are happy to bring these changes to you!

For example, one kilo shipped to the USA used to be 29€, now it's only 15€!!

For Australia, 1 kilo was 32€, now it's only 17€!!

Japan had a big drop also, from 32€ to 14€ for 1 kilo...

And England too, 1 kilo shipped drop from 22€ to 14€!!

Many other destinations had their shipping costs reduced, so come and enjoy your French products on Mondizen!


Well, it's time for a lovely French shopping on Mondizen. Buy the French products you love and we will ship them internationally, right to your door. 

Enjoy a large selection of French food, French products, local products and many other French things.

See you soon on Mondizen your French store.

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