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If you are a French expatriate abroad and you have just become a parent for the first time, you are probably worried about being able to find first age baby milk in the place where you live. Worry no longer and visit Mondizen.com. Our goal at Mondizen is to provide French expatriates abroad with all the products they are likely to need on a daily basis. At Mondizen we attach a great deal of importance to the quality of the baby products and that’s why a number of first age baby milk has been added to the online catalogue. There is a wide choice of products for new parents.

When you order first age baby milk from Mondizen you can rest assured that your baby is getting baby milk of the very best quality, with all the nutrients included to ensure the best possible growth. First age baby milk is recognized for its benefits to your child’s health and well-being and that is why it has been included in the Mondizen catalogue. You can trust the quality of all the baby products sold at Mondizen.com.


So visit the website today.

For babies between 0 and 6 months you can order Bledilait orGallia, the best possible choice for your baby from birth to 6 months. At Mondizen.com you can first age with breast milk formula, for instance Gallia Calisma and Gallia Digest, but also Guigoz Evolia Relais. These first age milks made with a breast milk formula will help your baby grow in the best possible conditions.

Mondizen has turned organic too, you can now you can order newborn baby organic first age milk: Bio by Babybio Confort, for utmost baby care and well-being.

At Mondizen.com, we are including more and more baby products in the online catalogue for the comfort of all new expatriate parents. You can be sure that all baby products sold at Mondizen.com are safety tasted and of the highest quality. They will bring your baby all the nutrients and well-being it needs. If you require products which have not yet been included in the online catalogue, please contact us and we will do our utmost to get them to you as quickly as we can. You could also use our Multi-Shop service which enables you to shop on any online store in France and have the products you choose delivered through Mondizen..

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excellent info here, i am currently doing some research and found exactly what i was looking for.