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Today, you can still enjoy French products even if you don’t live in France anymore, thanks to Mondizen.com! At Mondizen.com you can order a great selection of French products and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time wherever you live in the world.

At Mondizen.com we are particularly concerned about the welfare of young expatriate children living abroad; that’s why we have dedicated a special section of our online catalogue to small children. We know it can be difficult to find French products for babies and toddlers when you live abroad so visit the website and order your baby products today!

At Mondizen.com there is a broad range of baby meals for infants and toddlers. Your children will love Bledichef baby meals by Bledina, these complete menu meals will give your baby all the vitamins and minerals he/she needs on a daily basis. Be tempted by Moulinée de Carottes et Semoule (Carrot purée with buck wheat semolina, or by Printanière de Légumes et de Jambon (spring vegetables with ham), both made by Bledina.


Thanks to Mondizen.com you can also introduce your children to organic baby foods, try carrot jars by Babybio, these tasty dishes will give your child the energy he/she needs to grow and develop throughout their infancy. With Babybio’s parsnips jar, or Marmite du Potager (sweet potato and wheat potage), they’ll love the taste and you will know that you are giving them what they need to be healthy.

At Mondizen.com, the range of high quality French products to order and enjoy wherever you live in the world is getting bigger and bigger. At Mondizen.com our goal is to provide you with any French products you may need, so please contact us should you need products which do not yet feature in the online catalogue. We will do our utmost to get them for you. We remain at your disposal. 

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