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If you want more jams Les Jardins de Marie, we can get them for you!

Les Jardins de Marie are exquisite and wonderful jams. These unique jams are made in a traditional way and in small quantities by Marie, the creator of this brand.

These jams are available in the most famous French hotels and restaurants, 2 and 3 stars restaurants. They are just amazing.

We already have a nice selection of these jams including fruit jams (strawberry jam, raspberry jam, apricot jam...), delicious champagne confits, fruit and champagne jellies (raspberry and champagne jelly), champagne and gold...



As we work directly with Les jardins de Marie, we can get all their selection for you.

If you want to know all the flavours available, just ask us and we will give you the list. You will discover so many new flavours like cointreau & lemon jam, orange & ginger bread, lemon & cinnamon, fig, mango, chocolate & mint, peach, pear & wallnuts, jams made of flowers, wines and so many more!

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