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Déclaration des revenus 2008 : time schedule

Between April 2009 - May 2009, you'll receive your "déclaration de revenus".You'll have to "déclarer" your income for 2008.
For further information, you can
check  the articles I wrote last year.

This year, the "déclartion de revenus" wil be sent by mail between April the 24th and May the 6th, so wait until May the 8th-9th.
If you declare your incomes using the paper form "version papier", you must check the information written on it and complete them (if necessary) before May the 29th.
Remember,for "version papier" (paper form) the deadline is May 29th. If you are late, you'll pay 10% more. It means that on May 29th, your "déclaration de revenus" must be at your
trésorerie or centre des impôts.

If you want to declare your income using the internet, you can do it from April the 27th.
Remember, there are different deadlines depending on where you live. France is divided into 3 zones, you'll find the information
here. If you don't understand it or aren't sure, just go to your trésorerie and ask them what is your zone.

Here is the time schedule for each zone :
If you live in zone A, deadline is June the 11th,
If you live in zone B, deadline is June the 25th,
If you live in zone C, deadline is June the 18th.

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