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Gilet and triangle de sécurité

From now on (october the first 2008) you MUST have in your car a :

- gilet de sécurité (safety jacket),

- triangle de sécurité.


Your « gilet » must not be in the trunk, it must be close to you. Keep it under your seat for example. The « triangle » can be in the trunk, that's ok.


Be careful, today, these safety equipments become compulsory. Many policemen will check if you have them or not.

And if you don't, you'll have to pay :

- 90 euros if you pay immediatly;

- 135 euros if you pay later !!


Here is a link to the « sécurité routière » website, you can see what these « gilet » and « triangle » look like :




Where can I buy them ?

In any specialized shop, most of the time these shop salso have a big garage were you can have your tires changed or your car repaired.


If you don't know where you can find one, search on the web, pages jaunes, type :

« Centre auto entretien rapide » or « garage auto » + the name of your city.


These safety equimpents cost only a few euros.

And they are also compulsory when you ride a bike by night.

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