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Vanille / vanilla

Here are a few « gousses de vanille ».

Each of these black sticks is a gousse de vanille.


Where can I find it ?

You can find some in your supermarket, « condiment » aisle close to the other condiments : salt, pepper, basil ...

« gousses de vanille » are packaged in small plastic bags, sold by 4 or 5 and expensive.


Sometimes it might also be stored with the flour and sugar (farine et sucre) in a small section dedicated to « desserts ».


But you can also find vanilla in powder. In this case it will be packaged in the same kind of small bottles of pepper...

How can I use it ?

If you buy vanilla powder or extract, it's easy, pour directly one teaspoon in the batter.

If you have a « gousse de vanille » then it's different.

You need only one « gousse » per cake. Cut it in its lengh.

In a pan, heat some milk, when it comes to the boil, stop heating and put the pieces of the "gousse de vanille".

Cover and let « infuser » for 5 minutes.

Remove the « gousse de vanille », you will see many small black things in the pan. It's normal, you don't have to remove them, these are many small vanilla parts.


Then, add this milk to your mixture, that's it.


Remember if you want to use this kind of vanilla, you must let it a few minutes in hot milk. It's like tea in fact !


How can I store it ?

It keeps for months as long as you store it in a dry place.



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