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Here is a very good cheese.
To tell the truth, it's not a French cheese but an Italian.
Anyway, it's very good and it's this cheese you should have on a pizza.

We also use it in summer, it goes very well on a "salade de crudités" for example.
It also goes very well with tomatoes.

How to use it ?
Just like any other cheese : just a slice at the end of your meal. If you want to add some in a salad, just cut it into small pieces, that's it.

Where can I find it ?
You can find it in any supermarket, "rayon fromage" self service or "à la coupe".
If it's in the self service aisle, it's packaged in a kind of plastic bag (a white plastic often). It's because you must keep mozzarella in water.

How can I keep it ?
Keep it in the fridge, see the DLC. Once opened, it keeps a few days. Put it in a box with water so it doesn't become dry.

See the cheese list

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