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Sorry, I'm very late for this article. But as I am in Japan right now, I sometimes miss French events.
Anyway, if you don't know what to do this weekend, here is a suggestion : les journées du patrimoine.

Once a year, you can visit for free many places usually closed : churches, castles.... In some museums, you will also be allowed to see pieces of art not oftenly shown.

In many cities you can have a guided tour for free.

Even if you usually go to a museum, you can go again and won't have to pay. Bring your kids and friends, have a good time.

Many places will hold concerts or invite artists for this special occasion.

In small villages they might show ancient places and tools, explain how life was many years before, show some old traditions, show how they used to bake the bread...

Don't hesitate, as it's free if you don't like, try something or somewhere else. But it's a really good opportunity to know more about the French culture.


Where can you find informations about these events ?

Here are a few websites you might find helpful :

The official website, but sorry it's in French !


This one is much easier to use but doesn't have all the events in France :


You can also search typing « journées du patrimoine 2008 » and the name of your city or region. This event is well-known so you will find information for sure.

If you know where is the « office du tourisme » (tourist information center) of your city, go there, they have a programme.

Or you can also just go to a museum or an historic / cultural place you know, you will also find a programme there.

You may also find programmes in many shops.



Have a good time !

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