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How to cook blettes and bettes ?

How to prepare them ?

Rinse the « blettes ».

We never cook a whole blette because we have different recipes for « le vert » (leaves) and « le blanc » or « les côtes » (white central part).

First, remove the leaves from the central part.




Now you have "le vert" and "le blanc" or "les côtes" :


How to prepare the « côtes de blettes » ?

Slice the white part (le blanc) into 1-2 cm pieces :


In a pan, bring water to the boil, then cook the pieces of « côtes » for 15 minutes.


Then you can add the sauce you want depending on your own taste.

I give you two traditional recipes :

- Make a bechamel and add the « côtes de blettes » into. You can serve them like that or put them in an ovenproof dish, add some grated cheese on top and grill them for 5 minutes.


- Make a tomato sauce and add the « côtes de blettes » in it.

Serve as a vegetable with a piece of meat (pork or beef).


How to prepare the « vert de blettes » ?

That's different, you don't need to boil the leaves.

In a frying pan, sauté an onion (if you want it's better if you also add « lardons » that you grill in the pan just before adding the leaves), then add the « vert ». Cook for 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper.

Enjoy with a piece of meat.



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