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Attestation d'assurance scolaire, what's this ?

When your children go to school, they need an “assurance scolaire”. It is not compulsory but highly recommended. In some cases, teachers won't allow your children to take part to the school activities if you cannot prove you have an insurance.

Why do we need an “assurance scolaire” ?

Your children need an insurance for what they might do to other children or any damage they make at school (responsabilité civile), and they also need to be insured in case of accident (individuelle accident) if they get hurt at school.

Regarding the “responsabilité civile”, check that there is “dommages matériels” and “dommages corporels”. It means your children are insured if they damage something or hurt someone.

How can I get this insurance ?

Most of the time, when you have a “assurance multi risque familiale” for your house, your children get insured.

In this case, you will receive an “attestation d'assurance scolaire”. Just keep it and give it to the teacher when school begins.

If you receive nothing, contact your insurance to check with them. For this, you'll need your contract number. Just ask :

“Bonjour, je voudrais savoir si mes enfants ont une assurance scolaire ?”.

If you have no insurance, don't worry. The first day of school, your children will come back with different documents, among them you'll have a “assurance scolaire”. For one year, it costs around 10 euros per child.

Just fill in this document and send it to the address written on the document. Then you will receive an “attestation d'assurance” that you'll give to the teacher.

Most of the time, this “assurance scolaire” is offered by one of the two major “association de parents d'élèves”.

These associations are “PEEP” and “FCPE”. If you need some help or have any question, they might be willing to help you. Do not hesitate to contact them.



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