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As September is coming, you have to think about “rentrée scolaire”.

Your children will go back to school around September the 2 or 3 (if they go to university, they will go at the end of September or even beginning of October).

If they stay in the same school, you probably received papers at the end of June with the exact date of the “rentrée scolaire” or “rentrée des classes”.

If not, you had this information when you registered your children.

If your children haven't been registered yet, don't worry, most of the school are closed during the summer holidays but from Monday August 25th they will all reopen and then you can contact them.

Among the different papers you've been given in June, you might have received a “liste des fournitures scolaires”.

If not, your children will receive it on the first day of school.

Children need “fournitures scolaires” when they enter “college” and “lycée”. If they are in “école primaire” or “école maternelle” they might need a really few things.

If you already have this list, the best is to go shopping NOW !! Because in France, the purchase of “fournitures scolaires” is like the big traffic jams in July and August. Everybody needs his “fournitures scolaires” at the same time and it's very difficult. Try to avoid the first wednesday or week end after the “rentrée scolaire” it's the worst time.

Where can I find the “fournitures scolaires” ?

In any supermarket.

You can also go to a specialized shop “une papeterie”, you'll find all you need too. If you don't know where to find one, just check the “pages jaunes”.

What if your children have to buy “manuels scolaires” ?

It's not exactly like “fournitures scolaires” even if they need both for school.

When children go to “lycée” in France, they have to buy all the “fournitures scolaires” but also their “manuels scolaires”.

What is the difference between “fournitures scolaires” and “manuels scolaires” ?

Fournitures scolaires are mainly notebooks, pens, glue, paper...

Manuels scolaires : all the books (Maths, French...)...

Where can I find the “manuels scolaires” ?

You'll find the “manuels scolaires” in a “librairie” (a book shop). Some of these shops are specialized they are called “librairie scolaire” (also “librairie universitaire” for university students).

Don't forget to bring the exact list with you because so many books exist you won't be able to remember all. They might also ask you the “section” of your children. The “section” is the “orientation”. It will help them if they know if your children chose “littéraire” or “scientifique” for example.



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