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And then ? What do I have to do after "déclarer mes revenus" ?

Once your "déclaration de revenus" is sent, you have nothing to do until the end of the year (even sometimes the beginning of next year) except save money.

At the end of the year, you will receive a "avis d'impostion" (if you don't know what it looks like click here)

In France you pay "impôt sur le revenu" in 3 "tiers".
That's what is called "tiers provisionnel", usually the first one (premier tiers provisionnel) is around 15 février, then around 15 may (deuxième tiers provisionnel) and the last one is around september (troisième tiers provisionnel).

On your "avis d'imposition" you'll see differents dates, be very careful and check the
"date limite de paiement". Remember this deadline, after it's 10% more !

Do I have to pay in 3 times ?
No, you can choose monthly payment (la mensualisation).
To do this, just go to your "trésorerie" or "centre des impôts" with your "avis d'imposition" and a "RIB" or "RICE"
. Remember, the address of your "centre des impôts" is written on the first page of the "avis d'imposition".
But be careful, if you go too late, you'll have to pay by "tiers".
Once "mensualisation" is done you don't have to renew it but you can stop it very easily (just go to your trésorerie or centre des impôts).

What do I do with this "avis d'imposition" ?
Keep it, the French administration might ask for it later. You will also need it if you want a mortgage.

And if I receive a "avis de non imposition" ?
In a certain way it's a good thing. It means you have nothing to pay ! But on the other hand, it means you don't earn much money.
The most important thing to do is to keep it. Your bank or any administration might ask you for this "avis de non imposition", it's important because it's the only official document that entitles you to special rate mortgages or reductions...

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