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Gratin dauphinois / Potatoes and cream gratin


Ingredients for 5 :

1 kg pommes de terre (potatoes),

80 cl crème (cream) fraîche liquide ou fleurette (at least 80 cl but you might need more),

sel, poivre (salt and pepper).

Peler (peel) the potatoes. Coupez-les en tranches (slice them).

Prenez un plat à gratin (in an ovenproof dish), mettez les pommes de terre. Sel, poivre.

Ajoutez de la crème fraîche (add the cream). The cream must cover the potatoes.

Bake for one hour and ½, th 5.

I've tried one I baked at 120 C degrés for at least 2 hours. It was delicious.

The baking is the key to success, if you have time, cook it slowly but for a very long time (2 hours or more), the potatoes will become so smooth and taste like cream...

Always check the colour on top of your gratin, it should be lightly brown. Check also the « cream level », you might have to add some more.


Bon appétit.


Enjoy your gratin dauphinois with a green salad and that's enough. If you want a dessert, you need something very light.

How to store it : one or two days in the fridge.


If you want to add some cheese, then you can try a tartiflette.


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