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14 juillet, what's going on ?

In France, "14 juillet" is the "fête nationale" a day celebrating the French Revolution.
It's a public holiday.

What can I do ?
You can watch the "traditionnel défilé", the military parade. There's one in every big city in France and the main one takes place in Paris in the morning. You can watch it on TV if you want.

Then there's nothing else to do but enjoy this summer day and in the evening, in every town in France (nearly but I mean, even in tiny villages) there are fireworks around 10 pm then "bals populaires", parties in the streets.
If you live in a small village, fireworks might take place on the evening of the 13th so that you can also enjoy the ones in bigger cities on the 14th.

If you live in a big city, check the website, there might be different "bals" with different kinds of music.

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