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Car insurance in France

If you want to have a car in France, you have to be compulsorily insured (e) it is illegal to drive without insurance.

How can I insure my car ?

Contact different insurance companies and request a quote / a simulation « un devis », so that you can compare prices.

Take the time to read what are your "guaranties" « risques couverts », what are the risks guaranted, what is the amount of franchises, what obsolete / « décôte » is applied to your vehicle.


In France one can ensure his vehicle « tiers » third-party, « tiers-collision » third-party & collision or « tout risque » comprehensive.
The third-party liability insurance is the legal minimum. This insurance covers damage that you may cause TO OTHERS. Therefore, choose this insurance only if your car is old because the day you have an accident, a theft ... you won't be reimbursed.

The third-party & collision insurance: covers you if you destroy the vehicle of someone else and if your car is damaged in an accident. But, if one steals your car, you have nothing ...


The comprehensive insurance « tout risque » : in theory you are covered for everything ... except « franchises », outdated « vétusté » and "exclusion"!!
Take the time to read your contract, there are often different "degrees" of « tout risque » insurance in particular regarding the franchises.


Also check the mileage franchise « franchise kilométrique » for example: if you have a franchise kilometrique "50 km" (very common), it means that if you are insured engine failure « panne » but if it happens 20 km from your home, you will not be supported!

It's better to break down 51 km away from your home...


Also check what are the obligations that you have : alarm « alarme », anti-theft device « dispositif anti-vol »...
And if you said having a garage at home, always park your car inside because if your car is stolen at home but it is not LOCKED in the garage ... Your insurance will surely refuse to repay you.



"bonus" "malus" what is it ?


Insurance Certificate

How to change your insurance ?

« constat amiable », what is it ?






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