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Poultry / volaille

Volaille belongs to "viande blanche" (opposed to "viande rouge

Here is a "volaille" :

In this category of meat you can find : poulet / chicken, dinde / turkey, pintade / guinea-fowl.

If you don't want to cook a whole "volaille", you can also buy a piece of "blanc". A kind of steak of volaille that is called "
une escalope".
So you can buy "une escalope de poulet" (chicken), "une escalope de dinde" (turckey). It's easy to cook, just like a steak.
You can also buy "
émincé de volaille", it means it's poultry meat but sliced. Cook it "sauté".
Anyway, if you buy a whole "volaille" or just "une escalope", choose a "poulet fermier" or "volaille fermière", it's a high quality meat.
You can also have a "aile" (wing), a "cuisse" (leg) or a "pilon".

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