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Subdivision, condominium and charges

If I buy a house in a subdivision « lotissement » ?

Ask to see the settlement of the estate « règlement du lotissement » as well as the specifications. In this way you'll know what you can / should do or not, what expenses you must pay (lighting, maintenance of green spaces), which projects (work, investment, repairs). In this way, you'll have a clearer idea of charges and fees that will be in addition to the loan.


If I buy a condominium unit « en copropriété » ?

As for buying a subdivision, there will be common expenses (building maintenance, repairs, routine expenses). Ask what are the charges and if you can not obtain this information by the seller, contact the «
syndic » of the building. The « syndic » is the company or the person who is responsible for managing the condominium (managing agent).

Check if a "ravalement de façades" is planned. This is often an important expense because it means the whole building will be repaint ... The repair of roofs « toiture » « toit » may also generate costs very important.
If the building is more than 15 years, ask to see the "diagnostic technique." This document tells you clearly what is the state of the building, piping ... In this way, you can find out if major work is expected shortly or not.


« Charges » what's this ?

If you buy or rent an apartment, you must pay charges, ie your bills on heating, electricity ...
But if you own a condominium unit, you must participate in all charges of co-ownership (if there's a garden, elevators, cleaning and building maintenance, fees of the liquidator ...).

Check how much you'll have to pay; sometimes "charges" are very heavy.


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