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Assemblée, syndic, pouvoir, mandat, what's that ?

The « assemblée générale » what's that ?

It is the meeting which takes place at least 1 time per year to discuss all issues relating to the condominium. It is the « syndic » who decides when the « assemblée générale » takes place. In general a general meeting is not an exciting reunion but it is very important because it is there that all important decisions concerning the condominiums are decided, especially financial decisions. If you do not go to the General Assembly, you do not participate in the vote. But if enough owners vote for certain decisions, you need to follow these decisions and pay if it includes an increase in charges or work to be done ...

The « syndic » what's that ?

The « syndic » or managing agent is the person or company that manages officially (with management mandate) condominiums. The « syndic » manages the finances of the condominium, convenes meetings. If decisions are taken in General Meeting (work, spending ...), it is the « syndic » who shall inform each owner a letter (with acknowledgement of receipt).

A « pouvoir » or « mandat » what's that ?

If you can not attend the general assembly, you can still participate in "remote". For this, you must give a "mandat" or "pouvoir" to another owner who will vote for you.



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