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Copie or extrait d'acte d'état civil

It's the official document stating where and when a marriage, divorce, death or birth took place and who got married, divorced... You might be asked for one of these documents by the French administration.

How can I get one ?

You can go to the city hall of the place where took place the birth, the marriage, the death or the divorce. It is a free and immediate procedure.

If you cannot move, you can make your demand by mail by adding an envelope stamped in your name and address for the sending of documents.

You can make also in certain cases these steps by internet.

Demand of copy of civil act (marriage, birth, death, divorce) made in France :


Attention, on this Internet server, we shall ask you at first to enter the name and the department of the city which the act was drafted. All the cities are not equipped with an internet service. You will obtain an answer at once, if you cannot obtain your act of registry office(family status) « acte d'état civil » in this way, it will be necessary to go there or to make your demand by mail...

Demands of acts of registry office(family status) concerning a French person for an event (marriage, death) arisen abroad :


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