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If your déclaration is pre-filled, you only have to check the amounts, add your « justificatifs », add if you've earned other incomes and send it to your « trésorerie » or « hôtel des impôts », you can also send it by mail.

If it's not pre-filled, here are a few indications to help you :

It only concerns your incomes of 2008.

If your « déclaration de revenus » isn't pre-filled you'll find the indications you need at the bottom of your payslip « revenus imposables ». Just add all your « revenus imposables » from January the first to December the 31 first.

Write this amount in « traitements et salaires ».

If you received some « justificatifs » from your bank; add them.

Don't forget to add your name, address and sign it (first page). Then send it to your hôtel des impôts or centre des impôts.



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