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I receive a “faire-part de décès”

What do I do if I receive a “faire-part de décès” ?

You receive a “faire-part de décès” when somebody died.

What you must do is send your “condoléances”.

If you know well the family, you can call them :

je vous présente mes condoléances” is the official sentence.

If you don't go to the funerals, send flowers to the church or wherever the funerals take place.

But you can also send a card on which you might write :

“Je vous présente toutes mes condoléances”

On a “faire-part de décès”, the place and time of the funerals are not always written, you can directly ask the family.

Sometimes, the family might ring you to “faire part du décès”. You can also tell “toutes mes condoléances” and ask for the time and place of the funerals.



Be careful, if you receive a faire-part de décès on which is written :

dans la plus stricte intimité” it means only the very close family can go to the funerals. In this case, just give a call or send a card with your “condoléances”.

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