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Pommes de terre sautées / Saute potatoes


1 kg pommes de terre (potatoes),

½ lire huile oil (tournesol). You can try with olive oil for a different taste. All you must keep in mind is to use a « huile pour friture »,

sel et poivre (salt and pepper).

Peler (peel) the potatoes, slice them.

In a big frying pan, heat the oil.

When the oil is hot enough (just try with one piece of patatoe, the oil must start bubbling) slowly pour the potatoes in the pan.


The potatoes must be covered with oil.

Cook (medium heat but the oil must still be bubbling) for 15 minutes, carefully turn the potatoes.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

The potatoes must be slightly brown and crispy (most of the potatoes must be, sorry, mine were not really !).


Use a skimmer to remove them from the pan. Try to get rid off as much oil as you can !

Serve immediatly with a green salad.

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