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oignon / onion - échalotte

Here are different types of onions on an open market  :


Oignon jaune on the left, oignon blanc in the middle, oignon rouge.

How to use it ?
We use a lot of onion in French cooking, especially  for vegetables :
oignon sauté, ail and vegetables.
See some recipes : choux de Bruxelles, courgettes, carottes.

You can also chop  half an onion in the "sauce salade". It's strong but very good.

If you don't want a too strong taste, try to chop "une échalotte". "échalotte" is a kind of onion, smaller. It's looks like a small "oignon jaune". You can find it  close to the oignons,  in the same section of the market or supermarket. "échalotte" can also be cooked.

Here is an  échalotte :


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