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Mousseux et champagne

Champagne is very famous but very expensive too.
A « mousseux » is a sparkling wine very tasty and sweet.

So, if you don't want to spend too much money, buy a « crémant » or « blanquette » or « clairette ».

Different choices : sec (dry), demi-sec, doux (sweet).

Refrigerate before drinking.



How to store it ?
Months before opening then one day in the fridge (even not, it may be without bubbles).

What is cidre ?
It's a sparkling drink made from apple. It"s not strong at all.
We drink "cidre" with "crêpes". We also drink cidre at the end of a meal, just to have a glass of bubbles without opening a more expensive bottle.

Where can I buy wine and alcohol ?

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