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Vin / wine

There are so many kinds of wine that the best is to try some of them.
In order to help you, here are a few advices and explanations :

Rouge (red)
Blanc (white)

Quality hierarchy :

Grand cru, millesime : high quality wine

Vin de pays : local wine from a small producer

Vin de table : use this wine only for cooking


Wine storage :
Red wine "rouge" : store and drink at room temperature.
« rosé » and « blanc » can be stored at room temperature but drink them cold.
After opening, wine keeps for a few days. In the fridge for a "blanc" or "rosé".

How to drink them ?

We usually drink rosé and blanc in summer.
When it's hot, people have apéritif with a glass of "rosé" or "blanc".
We drink sweet white wine with foie gras for example.
Red wine with red meat and cheese.
White wine "sec" with fish and seafood.

« blanc de Savoie » is very good with a « raclette » or a « fondue savoyarde » (dips of bread in melted cheese).

Where can I buy wine ?

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