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- Charges locatives : if you rent a flat, these « charges » represent what you'll have to pay for the maintenance of the building : elevator, cleaning of the hall, electricity in the « parties communes » (hall and stairs). If you rent a house, these « charges » represent the costs of the estate maintenance.

- Autres charges : sometimes, there are no "autres charges", it means you only pay for your rent and you'll receive a bill for your water, heating... But "autres charges" might include :
- « eau » (water) / « eau froide » (cold water),
- « eau froide et eau chaude » (cold and hot water),
- « chauffage » (heating).

Usually, « charges » are paid each month, included in the rent. But it's a « provision », an estimation. So, you might receive a bill at the end of the year if this « provision » was not enough to cover all the expenses.

You can ask the owner or the estate agent which "charges" are included in the price of your house and check on your lease, they must be written. If they're not, it means you'll have to pay additional fees.

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