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How do I become « assuré social » ?

If you work in France but still belong to a foreign company, you are a « travailleur détaché ». In this case, you shouldn't be « assuré social » in France. But check with your company or your healthcare system how you will be reimbursed.


If you work in France for a French company, you will become « assuré social ». Your company should deal with all the administrative question. If you are married or have children, your spouse and children will become your « ayant-droit ». If you have any question, check with the closest « centre de paiement ».

If you are not a European citizen and have been in France for more than 3 months. If you have a « titre de séjour » (« carte de dix ans », « carte d'un an », « convocation » or « récépissé » given by the « préfecture »), then you might become « assuré social ».

If you are a European citizen, you might also become « assuré social ».

How ?

If your company hasn't done this for you, the easiest is to go to your centre de paiement.

Bring your passport, titre de séjour, your contract.


If you are a student :

You should apply for «  sécurité sociale étudiante » if you are less than 28.

You will apply (and pay) at the same time you register at the university.



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Thank you so much for this detailed information! I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into your site. Thank you again.
<br /> Thanks Ira.<br /> Yes it's true, I put a lot of time into my site, but I really want to help people. It takes time, but at least I understand this culture because it's mine, and I've seen so many of my students<br /> struggling in their everyday life that I want to explain France and French people.<br /> <br /> <br />