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If you've just arrived in France or in a new town, go to the  rectorat

If your child was in « 3ème » he had to « émettre des voeux », « remplir des voeux ». It means he (and you) were asked what he wanted to do, what he wanted to study and what subjects he would choose for the « lycée ».

If the « conseil de classe » (all the teachers) agreed with this orientation, then you will know which lycée your child will go to.

As children have to choose between many subjects, the choice of the lycée is done this way. If your child takes subjects that only one lycée offers in the city, he will have to go there if he really wants to study these. If he makes a « traditional » choice, he will probably go to a very close lycée.


Don't forget you will also have to buy the "manuels scolaires", "fournitures scolaires" and you will need an insurance "assurance scolaire".

Back to school / école

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