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"Conduite accompagnée", also "apprentissage anticipé de la conduite automobile dès 16 ans".

What's this ?
In France, you can pass the "permis de conduire" (driving licence) at 18. But, teenagers are allowed to learn (not alone) when they turn 16.

How do I do ?

1. You must find a “auto-école” with a “agrément préfectoral”. Just go and ask the “auto-école” of your choice if "conduite accompagnée" is possible or not.


Your child needs an « attestation scolaire de sécurité routière » ASSR. This is a certificate he received at high school (collège). If he doesn't have it, ask your auto-école. A teenager should take this exam anyway and it will probably be done at the auto-école. The only difference is that at school it's free, at the auto-école you'll have to pay...

2. Your child must study for the “code” and drive at least 20 hours at the auto-école. 

3. After this first step, your child must obtain the theoritical exam “le code”. Then he / she receives the “attestation de fin de formation initiale”. 

The “code” is valid for 3 years (once your child gets his/her full licence, the "code" has no limit in time). 

4. Then he / she starts the “conduite accompagnée”.
He / she must drive at least 3000 km until he / she is 18. He / she can't drive alone and must be with someone older (28 at least and most of the time it's one of his / her parents). This person must have been driving with a full licence (permis B) for at least 3 years. This person must also be allowed by his / her insurance.

5. At 18, your child passes the “conduite”. When he / she obtains the “permis de conduire”, the “auto-école” must give him / her a “attestation de fin de conduite accompagnée”. Give this “attestation” to your insurance and you will obtain a discount. 


6. Don't forget to go to the préfecture because your child received a provisory certificate.

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