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Achat d'un véhicule d'occasion « second-hand car »

When do I need a new « carte grise » ?
Within 1 month after you've bought the car.


Where ?

How ?
Go to the
préfecture with (or send) :

- your passport or a copy,

- a « justificatif de domicile » (a “titre de propriété”, un “certificat d'imposition” ou “certificat de non imposition”, une “quittance de loyer” (if you rent, ask your owner or the estate agent for a quittance), your last bill of “gaz”, “électricité” or “téléphone” or a “attestation d'assurance du logement”).  A bill is the easiest...

- a “demande de certificat” you must fill in with a form you can find at the préfecture or your town house,

- a “certificat de cession” or the bill of your car (theses papers must have been given to you by the seller of the car. If he or she doesn't, ask for them or don't buy this car because without these papers you won't receive your « carte grise »),

- if the car is more than 4 years, proof of the « contrôle technique » (less than 6 months ago)

- Don't forget to bring your checkbook or cash besause you'll have to pay...

- Bring also the old « carte grise » on which is written right in the middle « vendu le » or « cédé le » + date and signature of the seller.


If your car was « immatriculé » abroad, check with the préfecture, you'll have to bring more certificates, it will be longer and more difficult.


Do I have to change the “plaques d'immatriculation” ?

It depends if the car you've bought is from a different department. If so, you'll have to change them as soon as you get the new “carte grise”.

Attention !

From April the 15th 2009 (concerning a new car) and from June the 15th concerning a second-hand car, and for any change (address or owner) the car will keep the same “plaques d’immatriculation” and “carte grise”.

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