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If you move, you must change your "carte grise" (within 1 month) because your address is written on it. It's compulsory.

Go to the préfecture of your new address, bring the « carte grise », a « justificatif de domicile » and your passport. It will be done immediatly, and it's free.

How can I find my préfecture ?


Do I have to change the « plaques d'immatriculation » ?

Not necessarily. It depends if you bought your car in a different department. If so, then you'll have to change your « plaques d'immatriculation » as soon as you receive the « carte grise », otherwise, you might keep them.

Attention !

From April the 15th 2009 (concerning a new car) and from June the 15th concerning a second-hand car, and for any change (address or owner) the car will keep the same “plaques d’immatriculation” and “carte grise”.


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