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Carte grise, what is it ?

When you buy a car you need a « carte grise ». It's the official certificate you must own (and pay for !).

(You also need an insurance. It's COMPULSORY in France.)


This picutre shows a "carte grise" but from April the 15th 2009, if you buy a new car (véhicule neuf) you will a receive a "carte grise"... orange ! This new carte grise is also called "SIV" or nouveau "système d'immatriculation des véhicules".



Do I need a « carte grise » if I already have a car and take it with me ?

Yes, as soon as you legally live in France, you need a « carte grise ».


Where and how can I get a « carte grise » ?

You should guess ! « à la préfecture » of course !

Check at the town house of your city (if you're far away from a préfecture) if they can give you all the forms and send them.


How can I find my préfecture ?

Who needs a “carte grise” ?

The owner of a car. If you're a couple, the “carte grise” can be registered with both names.

When do I have to do this ?

As soon as you buy your car (within 1 month).

When you get a new car, you get a “certificat d'immatriculation provisoire de véhicule”. You can drive with your car during 1 month with this certificate. 


If you buy a second-hand car, you can also drive one month with the old “carte grise”.

What do I have to do when I buy a new car "achat d'un véhicule neuf "?

Carte grise and second-hand car "véhicule d'occasion"

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