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In France, guests keep their shoes on.

But you must introduce them into your house :

“Entrez, je vous en prie”

Do you shake hands (serrer la main) or faire la bise ?

If they bring something (what they might do), or they give it to you spontaneously, or they are shy and you must take the present : “merci beaucoup”, “c'est très gentil”, “ça me fait plaisir”.

This must take place in the hall of your house. Do not let your guests become embarrassed with a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers they can't hide...

What do I do with this present ?

Then, you take their coats :

“Donnez-moi vos manteaux”


Then, you indicate the way :

“Par ici” (this way), you might add “suivez-moi” (follow me).


“Asseyez-vous” (have a seat)

If there are already other guests and you want to introduce everybody, say :

“je vous présente Monsieur xxx”, “voici Madame ssss”,

“Monsieur xxx, Madame xxxx”.

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