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You need a "plateau de fromages", a big plate with a good selection of cheeses.

For this special day, go to a « fromagerie », because there, you can buy « plateaux de fromages » already prepared with a good selection already done. It's easier because you can be sure it's good quality cheese.

What to drink with ?
Usually red wine. But white wine is ok too.

Anyway, if you need an advice, just go to a « cave » with your menu and you'll get the perfect match between the food and wine. It's worth it.

Bread : you can have some « pain aux noix » with the cheese.

Never spread cheese on bread as if it was butter, it's unpolite. Just put a small piece of cheese on your bread and bite. Or you can also take a small piece of bread and put some cheese on top. You "put" cheese on bread, never "spread" it.


Change the plates.


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