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In France, we bring the dish on the table and the host serves the guests :

« donnez-moi votre assiette » or « je vous sers ». (if you invite or are invited for a more common day, they'll probably tell you « servez-vous » : help yourself.).

If you think your plate is full enough, just say « merci ».

If you want to cook a goose (oie), why not.

But we mainly have « gibier » (game) : faisan (pheasant), sanglier (wild boar), biche . Gibier is cooked « en civet », which means that the meat marinated and has been cooked in red wine.

You can also have some fish : a whole salmon (saumon entier) or homard (lobster) or langouste (crayfish).


Vegetables is what we call « accompagnement » : serve with the main course.

Typical for Christmas meal : gratin de cardons, gratin dauphinois, champignons (mushrooms) and haricots verts (French beans).

What to drink : with the fish, you need a white wine. If it's a « gibier », then a red wine like a « bourgogne » is fine.


Change the plates.

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