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Comprendre la France, la culture française, les Français et apprendre le français. Welcome to France!


Main course

In France, we bring the dish on the table and the host serves the guests :

« donnez-moi votre assiette » or « je vous sers ». (if you invite or are invited for a more common day, they'll probably tell you « servez-vous » : help yourself.).

If you think your plate is full enough, just say « merci ».

If you want to cook a goose (oie), why not.

But we mainly have « gibier » (game) : faisan (pheasant), sanglier (wild boar), biche . Gibier is cooked « en civet », which means that the meat marinated and has been cooked in red wine.

You can also have some fish : a whole salmon (saumon entier) or homard (lobster) or langouste (crayfish).


Vegetables is what we call « accompagnement » : serve with the main course.

Typical for Christmas meal : gratin de cardons, gratin dauphinois, champignons (mushrooms) and haricots verts (French beans).

What to drink : with the fish, you need a white wine. If it's a « gibier », then a red wine like a « bourgogne » is fine.


Change the plates.

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