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As you know, Noël (Christmas) is coming. I'm sure your mailbox is already full of ad.

Toys of course, but food also.

Here we are !


A few advices and explanations :

In France, we celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th and the 25th for lunch. There's nothing special on the 26th, people go back to work.

Christmas is a family celebration whereas we celebrate New Year's Day out, with our friends. But be careful, going to a restaurant or a club for New Year's Day is really, really, really expensive.

For Christmas, both meals are quite similar : big and long ! Just so French !

Regarding the presents, it's whenever you want : in the evening, during the night, at midnight, in the morning. You choose, as long as everybody agrees it's ok.

In the following articles, I'll give you a few advice regarding a typical Christmas meal in France :

What do I bring ?

At what time do I arrive / leave ?




Main course




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