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Ingredients :

2 cups bechamel
2 quenelles
1 can tuna
100 g mushrooms (champignons de Paris)
2 bouchées


"bouchées" are puffed pastries you'll find in your supermarket, sometiemes close to the eggs, sometimes close to the biscottes.

How to prepare them ?
Make a sauce bechamel, add the sliced quenelles. Cook for ten minutes, stir from time to time.
Add the mushrooms and tuna into the bechamel sauce.

Pour some bechamel sauce on the bouchées.
Bon appétit.

If you want, you can heat the bouchées up for 10 mn, not in a microwaves oven but in a traditional oven.

These ones have been prepared with a leek (poireau) and quenelles added to the bechamel :

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