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L'assuré, les ayant-droit et la carte vitale

When you become insured « assuré social » you receive a « carte vitale ». This card looks like a credit card, is green, and on the new ones, have a photo.

On this card, the name of the « assuré » is written and his social security number « numéro d'immatriculation ». It's a long number which identifies you (15 numbers).

If you have a family, there may be only one « carte vitale » because the person who is « assuré » has taxes taken out of his paycheck. If you're a couple and both of you work, each one has his or her own « carte vitale ». If you have children, then you must choose on which « carte vitale » you register your children.

The person holding a « carte vitale » in his name is the « assuré », and those who are covered by his card (spouse, children) are the « ayant droit » legally speaking.

To become an « ayant-droit » (you, your spouse or children) you must fill in out a special form and send it to your centre de paiement.

You can download the form on this page :


How can I fill this form in ?

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