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Envoyer une lettre : to send a letter


« recommandé » : registered mail (envoyer une lettre recommandée)

Accusé de réception : acknowledgement of delivery



Vocabulary :

Levée : collection

Dernière levée : last collection

Destinations : Isère / autres départements

Recevoir une lettre : to receive a letter

Un colis, un paquet : a parcel

Envoyer un colis par la poste : to send a parcel through the mail

« Cachet de la poste faisant foi » : must be postmarked no later than midnight january the 10th

Un timbre : a stamp

Timbré : stamped

One more thing : if your postman (or a fireman) comes to your home during the evening selling calendars in november / december, don't be afraid, it's a tradition in France.

Basically, every French family has two calendars, one from the postman and one from the fireman. If you are willing to get one, you choose the amount you want to give them. 5 euros is ok.



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