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« Avis de passage du facteur » : if you find this in your letterbox it means someone has sent you a parcel or a « lettre recommandée », which the postman could not leave in your absence. « Avis de passage » means you must go to the post office with your passport or an ID and ask for this letter or parcel.


Where ? The post office (bureau de poste) is usually the closest to your home. It's indicated at the bottom of this « avis de passage ».

When ? also written close to the name and address ot the post office.

For how long ? they will keep your parcel for two weeks and then return it to the sender.

How ? just go to the post office indicated on the « avis de passage », show this « avis de passage » and your ID. That's it. You may sign something just to prove that you received your parcel or letter.



What to do if you can't go to the post office ?

Look at the back of the « avis de passage ». You'll see something about a « procuration », which is an authorization to send someone else in your place.

Just fill in the name of the person who will go to the post office instead of you, give your ID to prove that you have given your consent. The other person must also show some ID to prove that they are the right person.

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