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These are some of the things you might add to your dessert recipes, cold or hot, baked or not.


"arôme" (flavouring) ou "extrait" (essence / extract), "colorant" (food colouring).

You'll find "arôme" in bigger bottles than "extrait".


"eau de fleur d'oranger" : orange flower water . Add one spoon in the mixture of a cake or a brioche. That's it.
"eau de fleur d'oranger" is usually in a blue plastic bottle.



Also : poudre d'amandes (ground almonds), amandes effilées (sliced almonds), noisettes (hazelnuts), noix (walnuts), fruits confits (candied / glaced fruits).

Sucre vanillé : vanilla sugar. In France, "sucre vanillé" is packaged like "levure chimique".

Faster and easier than real vanilla, add some to the sugar when you make a dessert.

Chocolate chips : not so common in France. If they're sold, it's in this department. In French it's "pépites de chocolat".

Fruits secs (dried fruits)  : figue (fig), datte (date), raisins secs (raisins), abricot (apricot), pâte d'amande (almond paste, marzipan),...



Vanille : vanilla

Where in a supermarket : close to the sugar, flour, eggs.

How to store it : several months before opening (see the DLUO), then a few weeks. You don't need to put them in the fridge, just keep in a box, avoid humidity.

How can I use it ?

cannelle  / cinnamon                                                                             

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